Club History

Humble beginnings

Bucks Touch all started with the Ladies section some ten years ago and they were historically one of the best teams in Singapore, formed from teachers and students at United World College (UWC). The prime movers at that time were Shane and Karen Morris, both teachers at UWC. Indeed we welcome them back to Singapore after three years back in their native New Zealand.

The Ladies...

The ladies section has regrouped in the last year and recently has had two teams up and running again - the Margaritas and the Mojitos. Only a year ago the girls could only get a game playing in the mixed league, as the playing strength was low. Overall great progress has been made and a worthy reflection of a lot of time and effort from team captains and section organisers. Indeed, going into the second half of 2007, we welcome girls from UWC into the club thus enabling, one or possibly two more teams to be fielded.

The Men...

The success of the ladies section was a far cry from the formative years of the men's section, which saw a motley crew turning up week after week, borrowing and stealing players from anywhere as long as they had two legs and at least one arm.

The same coloured shirt was not even compulsory in those heady days. Indeed the first ever Bucks men's team in the Asian championships was a Masters team that featured three girls from UWC! The Brewerkz barrel was tapped slightly before the final game on that occasion, as we were keen participants but not the most competitive! However, paying strength grew and in 2005, the "Undertakers" won the Asian Club Championships, Masters Division.

We continue to play in the Summer and National Touch Leagues and play pretty much every week both on Saturdays and Wednesdays. A good number go on tours with the club to places such as Hong Kong, Kula Lumpur and Shanghai.

We recently launched the new "sunshine gold" kit, which pays homage to the winning ladies team from the early years. It has divided opinion but one thing is for sure, you can't miss us on the park.